Internal medicine

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is an outpatient medical speciality performed in private practice or in a hospital setting. It is intended for adult patients with common medical conditions like the flu or pneumonia, but also more complex adult illnesses that may cross over into other medical specialities.

The Internal Medicine department manages patients with several conditions and patients with general illnesses. The emphasis is on autoimmune and system diseases, the diagnosis and therapeutic management of which are often much more complex. Searching for the origin of inflammatory conditions as well as identifying the causes of symptoms and/or complex complaints are also part of daily practice in internal medicine. Performing health work-ups and preventing or testing for complications of metabolic and chronic diseases also fall under the scope of internal medicine.

An intersection of specialities

A global and patient-centred approach is the main characteristic of internal medicine. It provides our specialists with the know-how and expertise necessary to establish a summary of the general health of patients with complex medical situations, all while developing organised prevention, diagnostic and/or therapeutic strategies.

This global management often allows patients to avoid a burdensome path associated with a traditional organ-by-organ fragmented approach. Whether in terms of prevention, diagnosis and/or therapeutic strategy, the most recent scientific evidence and its reasoned application are at the heart of this medical speciality. The goal of internal medicine is the long-term improvement of your health and well-being in everyday life.

Access to all the best specialists and technical facilities

To ensure optimal patient care, our Internal Medicine specialists are able to work together with all the medical and surgical specialists from our clinics as required (see other specialities) and have direct access to a radiological and laboratory testing facility as well as a very high-tech and high-performance interventional facility.

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